New beginnings

Jan 1, 2020

First things first – Happy New Year!

And also with that, welcome to my new blog! I’m Lilli, a 24-year old fresh business school graduate with a burning determination to create and build something beautiful of my own.

I’m making this my decade – the roaring 2020s – full of growth and exploring new avenues, but without the economic depression of course haha! (*EDIT* Oh how times have changed since :D) So what can you expect from this blog of mine? My vision is to create a loving and empowering platform for sharing my ideas and tips on topics ranging from minimalism, personal growth, mental health, to attaining financial freedom for the millennial. I have a lot of ideas for content and I am excited to finally breathe life into this new venture.

I hope you will embark on this journey with me and together we can create a beautiful and inspiring journey wherever it may take us. Please leave any suggestions or tips in the comments, and I would love to read them!



My Breast Reduction Experience

My Breast Reduction Experience

Oh my, today on the dot it's already been 3 whole months since I had my breast reduction surgery. I've been scratching my head whether to write this post or not, but at least I found great comfort and intrigue in reading other people's experiences of the surgery. So,...

The Shadow-Self and 4 Ways to Explore it

The Shadow-Self and 4 Ways to Explore it

Psychologist Carl Jung coined the term 'shadow self', which is comprised of the repressed traits, emotions, and beliefs that are considered unacceptable, unworthy, or somehow wrong about ourself. It could be that these have been rejected by our parents, family,...


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