Your Feelings are Valid

Your Feelings are Valid

The Covid-19 pandemic has been shaking things up a lot in our world. And yes, I’m one of those who believes that a new (and better) world will eventually rise from the post-coronavirus ashes. Call me a dreamer. Yet, during these weeks of self-isolation, I’ve noticed how a lot of people around me as well as my friends have slowed down, taken a deep breath, and reflected on not just the world around them and what is happening, but also their own life, experiences, and thoughts.

I’ve had many deep and nourishing conversations with a few friends who have opened up to me about their mental health and any struggles they are (or have been) going through. Firstly, I want to say thank you for sharing, and I’m so grateful that they can feel safe in opening up to me and sharing so personal thoughts and experiences with me – I have so much respect for that. I know how hard and scary that can be to say the least.

But that is why I want this blog to be a part of breaking the stigma around mental health, and creating a safe space free from judgement to share what I’ve learned the hard way. Which brings me to pointing out the elephant in the room.

Why is it so difficult to open up and talk about your own struggles?


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