How to Overcome Fear and Not Let it Hold you Back

How to Overcome Fear and Not Let it Hold you Back

Throughout life I’ve let go of goals and dreams simply out of fear, and believing I couldn’t accomplish something that I really wanted to. I can’t help, but feel sad that already at such a young age I felt like I wasn’t good enough, and I couldn’t achieve the things I wanted to or were important to me. Partly it was from a lack of self-confidence, but also the limiting beliefs of others around me heavily influenced the choices I made.

During the past few years I have been focusing on discovering who I am, what are my values, and what I want from life. A part of that has been embracing my inner urge to be creative after being heavily uninspired throughout high-school and university.

Yet, somehow staying motivated consistently even when doing the things I enjoy left me wondering, what is blocking the flow of motivation in me? The first word that popped into my mind was ‘fear’. Or more like “FEAR!!” accompanied by wailing sirens, flashing red lights, and a pounding heart.

As I dig deeper into what I am afraid of, it boils down to the following:


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