7 Steps to Become More Self-Aware

7 Steps to Become More Self-Aware

Often times we hit rock bottom before we realise something about ourselves or life in general. For me that was; I’m alone. Bare with me on this rather somber statement, because it’s actually quite empowering.

At first the thought “I’m alone” came from victimhood, but when I spoke out the words, it was a wake up call. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own happiness, because no one else can put in the time and do the work for you to change your current situation. Only you know what is going on in your mind, how you’re truly feeling, and the power is in your hands to carry that responsibility.

In order to successfully reflect on our own, feelings, thoughts, and behaviour, and more importantly, take the appropriate steps to improve our current situation, we need self-awareness. Most of us are self aware in one way or another (or at least we claim to be), and the key is to tune in and enhance that part of us.

So, what is self-awareness?


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