About Lilli 

Hiya, I’m Lilli. As a kid I was always coming up with stories in my mind which kept me fully entertained at all times – really I was never bored. During recent years I have been exploring (creative) writing more by dabbling in poetry, working on my first fiction novel, and now through this blog. Typing out words whether on my laptop or in my phone’s notes, usually in the middle of the night, has allowed me to travel to the distant realms of my vibrant imagination. However, writing has also been a life-changing tool for discovering myself and learning to manage my (mental) well-being.

A growing passion of mine is to empower others along my journey to also find their own light and excitement in life, to understand themselves better, and to gain the confidence to design the life of their dreams. And that is where this blog comes in. Here, along with my own experiences, I will be sharing with you all the knowledge I’ve gathered and learned.

I hope you stay for the ride!

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